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Jamey Cagle, the founder and president of Riverstone Homes has been building custom homes in and around Cherokee County since 1989. Cherokee County is a great place to live no matter how old or young you are or how small or large your family is! At Riverstone homes we specialize in custom home building, room additions, remodeling, basement finishing, plan modification, land locating, and construction consulting. As you can see, we’ve got all your needs covered here at Riverstone Homes!

Today we’re going to talk about why Cherokee County is such a great place to build a home for you and your family!
10 Fun Facts About Cherokee County-
1. Canton, the county seat, was named after the city in China after residents tried to establish a silk trade in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
2. Although residents hoped to bring the silk trade to Canton, it quickly became known for its denim and cotton production, building a strong reputation in the fabrics industry.
3. Cherokee County was formed in 1831 from Cherokee Indian Territory.
4. The area originally drew settlers when gold was discovered there in 1828.
5. The city of Ball Ground is named after a stick ball game played between the Cherokee and Creek Indians.
6. The city of Woodstock was originally a stop on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad and the Woodstock Depot (which still stands) was built in 1912.
7. The Canton Cotton Mills was the main source of industry for the county from 1899-1981. The Mills are still standing.
8. The Rock Barn in Canton was constructed in 1906 and is the only rock barn in the state of Georgia that is still standing.
9. The small town of Waleska in northern Cherokee County is primarily known as a college town, as Reinhardt University is located there. However, in the past it has been home to industries such as gristmills, lumber, tobacco, and mineral development.
10. Cherokee County was originally so large that it was later divided into 24 separate counties.
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